Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Planter's Valley - The Peanut Gallery WI4+

November 27 Jason and I headed to the Ghost for my first ice climb of the season.  We hiked into Planter's Valley, a spot where neither of us had been before.

There was a Chinook rolling in, typical situation with high winds in town and in the foothills, and dumping snow in the Main Range.  We lucked out and seemed to be on the edge of the two, no wind, and no snow; until we got a lot of mid afternoon snow.  The hike in felt like spring!  Very warm (+5 ish, 8 am) and no snow on the ground, with a light rain shower.  The first two climbs in the valley were not formed, so we head to the end of the valley, The Peanut Gallery.

The first pitch was about 60 metres of WI 3, my lead.  Generally good ice and my lead felt pretty good and generally pretty easy.
The upper bowl contains many ice and mixed lines, with the primary part of the drainage providing the largest sections of ice.  Further up the valley, the third and fourth pitches had larger and vertical pillars forming, but they had fallen off.

Jason and I spent a few hours on pitch two of Peanut Gallery, with JW leading the vertical, WI4+, pillars.  We climbed two lines, one very wet, one nice and dry.  Did a few top rope laps on the dry pillar.  Great day out with the young gun.

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